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The main advantages of EPSILON ES:

  • Modular design;
  • High accuracy of fuel level measurement;
  • Explosion-proof execution. The sensor has all the required explosion protection certificates (level 1 ExsiaIICT6 X);
  • Euro certificate (CE).
  • Sensor device

  The measuring head of the sensor contains a level transducer, a digital signal processing circuit, a data exchange device, a power regulator and a circuit that provides the necessary protection for the input and output circuits. Connection to external devices is provided via an interface cable. The measurement of the fuel level is provided by a measuring head together with a probe immersed in the fuel. The probe is a coaxial capacitor formed by an aluminum tube (outer electrode) and an insulated copper wire (inner electrode). The required string tension is maintained by a spring located in the contact of the probe connector. The sensor is mounted using self-drilling screws that fix the sensor flange (together with the gasket) to the tank.

  The tightness of the seating of the measuring head is ensured by an O-ring located in the end groove. Protection of the interface cable from mechanical stress is provided by a flexible metal hose.

Sensor safety is ensured by using:

  • intrinsically safe measuring circuit with standardized values ​​of voltage, inductance, capacitance and resistance;
  • multilevel protection of power supply and interface circuits;
  • a metal shell of the measuring head with an appropriate degree of protection (IP-68 in accordance with GOST 14254);
  • compound filling of the shell of the measuring head.

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