Інтелектуальна батарея для DJI Agras T30

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DJI Agras T30 Battery

   T30 battery (BAX501-29000mAh-51.8V)

   Capacity 29000mAh

   Suitable for T30 model phytosanitary drones

   D9000i Integral Variable Frequency Charging Station

   Nominal voltage 51.8v

   Battery type 14S lithium battery

   Power AB2: 906 Wh AB3: 932 Wh

   Battery weight AB2 approx. 6.0 kg AB3 approx. 6.4 kg

   Ambient operating temperature -5 degrees to 45 degrees

   Charging temperature range 0 degrees to 60 degrees

   IP54 degree of protection + board level enclosure protection

   Maximum load power 7200W

   Energy 1502Wh

   Charging time 9-12 minutes when the charger is connected to two AC power cables (18-25 minutes when the charger is connected to one AC power cable)

   connected to one AC power cord)

   Warranty time limit is 1000 cycles or 12 months (whichever comes first)

   Weight about 10.2 kg

Технічні параметри
Виробник: DJI
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