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Eurosens Direct

Direct fuel flow meters are designed to measure fuel consumption of diesel engines or other consumers.

Direct CAN is a flow meter with electronic circuitry based on a powerful STM32 microprocessor. The smart electronic circuit provides the following advantages over other series:

1. Based on the factory calibrations of the flow meter at different flow rates, no compromise coefficient is determined (as in P), and the entire table is written into the non-volatile memory of the flow meter for real-time recalculation. This provides improved accuracy and a uniform factor for all PN meters of the same model.

2. Hall sensors are used instead of reed switches.

3. Control of interference in the operation of the flow meter.

4. The flow meter is able to measure not only fuel consumption but also derived parameters: engine (boiler) operating time, fuel consumption and operating time in various modes, intervention time, etc. These parameters can be read through the K-line interface (PN) ...

5. PN flow meters, unlike all competitive samples, can be installed without the use of a check valve, because an electronic algorithm sees the direction of fuel flow. This significantly increases the reliability of trouble-free operation of the engine with a modified fuel supply scheme.

6. Data exchange interface with external devices - CAN (FMS protocol)

The flow meter has a built-in display for displaying parameters. It is designated by an additional index I.

Most diesel engines have a fuel supply circuit that contains a fuel supply line to the engine and a return line that returns fuel to the tank. To measure fuel consumption in such a scheme, it is required to use Delta flow meters, or change the fuel supply scheme to use a cheaper Direct flow meter.

Direct flow meters are made of an aluminum alloy of increased hardness, the measuring chambers have an anti-friction coating, each of the flow meters is verified on a test bench. In PN modifications there is a built-in temperature sensor, which makes it possible to correct the measured fuel volume depending on the temperature. Thanks to these measures, Direct meters provide accurate results regardless of engine operating conditions.

Unlike similar products from other manufacturers, Delta meters have a 2-year warranty without limiting the amount of fuel passed.

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